Medical Latin Phrases

Shaking Delirium (DTs)

Delirium tremens
Shaking delirium.

Paleness of Death

Pallor mortis
Paleness of death.

Coolness of Death

Algor mortis
Coolness of death.

Inflexibility of Death

Rigor mortis
Inflexibility of death.

Bluish Discoloration of Death

Livor mortis
Bluish discoloration of death.


Livor mortis or postmortem lividity or hypostasis is one of the signs of death.

Good Diagnosis, Good Cure

Bona diagnosis, bona curatio
Good diagnosis, good cure.

The Cure Is Worse than the Disease

Aegrescit medendo
The cure is worse than the disease.

If the Cause Is Taken Away, the Effect Will Disappear

Ablata causa tollitur effectus
If the cause is taken away, its effect will disappear.

Let the Patient Take...

Let the patient take...